Tips for Meditation with Music

The ultimate goal of meditation is the achievement of inner peace and tranquility of the mind through the use of concentration and focus, exercising the imagination and throwing away all the negative stimulation and problems that may have accumulated due to stress after a hard day at work or a long and exhaustive day at school.


Meditation is easier said than done. Since it needs a massive amount of concentration to do, there are times when you can be distracted and end up diverting your attention towards something trivial. As such, you need something to refocus your attention back towards the goal of meditation.

While it may sound strange, the music that is utilized or integrated with meditation is quite different. It varies from the usual music that you listen to most of the time which contain vocals or strong music. Music in meditation is composed with more natural sounds like the sound of the river flowing or the leaves struck by the gentle wind. In a sense, it’s more peaceful and therapeutic in nature. However, even this great practice isn’t perfect. It may prove to be seemingly ineffective for some people.

But what are the things that you can do about this? Here are just a couple of things that you need to remember when using music with meditation.

Using Headphones

With the use of headphones or earphones, you can really appreciate the music when you meditate. Since using headphones feels like you’re listening to the audio as if you’re really there, it brings a new stage of immersion when it comes to meditation. If you want to be absorbed in the music, utilizing headphones is a good way to go. Just make sure that you use headphones that are comfortable for you.

Don’t Blast in Loudly

Yes, the music used in meditation is comforting. However, you should take note that it isn’t advised that you blast this kind of music from your speaker. No matter what kind of music, when played on too high of a volume, it will be painful to listen to. Just tone the audio down and allow yourself to be more comfortable with the music instead of blasting it loudly on the speakers.

Meditate in a Relaxing Environment

Before you even start meditating, make sure that you’ve prepared the place where you’re going to be meditating. Create an area that’s relaxing to ensure that your meditation will be optimal in the benefits that it’s going to give you. When you perform the meditation in a therapeutic and conducive place, you’ll be surprised at how immersive the experience is especially with music.

Be Patient

Even with music, you have to remember that meditation isn’t magic. It requires patience. As such, you have to remember that it may take some time to really feel the benefits of meditation that is done along with music. Take it slow and allow yourself to be immersed in the meditative trance and slowly descend into the goodness of letting your mind achieve peace and tranquility.